Anyone use fiber reinforced belts?

Found these on eBay. Curious if anyone has tried them? I’m on 9mm gt2 now, so not necessarily seeking a change, just looks interesting.

I may be wrong but the standard belts are already fiber reinforced, kevlar I believe.

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Standard belts have fiberglass strands, this belting looks to have fiber imbedded in the tooth material. Take a look at the photo and you will see that these are quite different than a standard belt.

I see that indeed it does.
However it appears to just be particles in the tooth section rather than the reinforcement strengthening the bond between tooth and belt? Perhaps I am missing something.

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Therein lies the curiosity, does the embedded fiber afford any increase in strength or rigidity?

Probably just increased resistance to wear or “lubrication” during use. That’s what some of the stuff I was reading indicated as to why the teeth are nylon infused.

I don’t see how the teeth having pieces of nylon would increase the overall belt strength.

Imagine a tire. Is the strength in the tread? No it’s in the underlying structure and once you get wear off your tread, you replace the tire. Same theory here. The teeth are the tread.