Anyone using 1/4" bits with the 600W Quiet Cut?

Anyone using 1/4" bits with the 600W Quiet Cut?

What is the spindle shaft diameter on the 600W QC?

Also, how far can a 1/4 bit be inserted into the chuck?


Matt, I am using it with a 1/4" shaft- 1/2" dia - 60 degree V-cut and a 1/4" shaft - 3/4" flat end mill for spoil board leveling. Forgot to add some 1/4" end mills or a ball end to the order for the other bits at the time.

1/4" would probably be the biggest diameter of a bit shaft that you would want to use with it.

Be aware that to get the full 600W power you would need a 110 V DC supply and not the 48 volt that they sell, so it is not at full power. From the sound of some of the problems they are having with the 24V DC set up they are selling, I’m glad I have the Quiet Cut with the 48 volts DC supply.

To give a smart aleck answer on how far the 1/4 bit can be inserted, all the way until it hits the stop. :wink: I just measured and was able to go just over 31mm (or 1.2").


Great into, thanks Scott!

My question about the spindle shaft diameter was trying to get at how stiff is the shaft coming out of the spindle itself, not so much about what size bits the collect can handle. Can you see the shaft? Does it look like 1/8" or 1/4"?

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Matt, Sorry for taking so long to reply, I seem to be having some issues getting the forum to connect on my laptop from home.

I went and measured the shaft coming out of the motor and it is 5/16".