Anyone using OpenRail or V-Slot Rails?

I’m designing a super lightweight carriage for an add-on to my router. Anyone using OpenRail or V-Slot that can give me some pointers as to which would be the easiest and lightest to use?

I built an entire 3d printer out of the V-Slot from OpenBuilds: Cut it with a miter saw just fine, tapped the ends, etc. Not having used other types of extruded rail I can’t give any comparison, but can try to answer any specific questions about it.

@AngusMcleod Do you have any source for V-Rail like this

I think the IVTAAB would be perfect but I don’t see where to buy it.

@AK_Eric I’m thinking that it may work to lay two pieces of the OpenRail together and back them with a piece of aluminum. That would keep it lightweight and plenty rigid for my needs. This IVTAAB piece seems like it would pretty be just that-- but in one piece which would be nice.

I think @ymilord is qualified to comment on this.

I’ve built a couple machines with the V-Slot Linear Rails & C-Beam’s. They work really well. For now max length I’d recommend for the C-Beam is the 1M /w the ACME lead screw. Anything bigger is going to cause screw whip at high feed rates. With the C-Beam 1.5M you’ll have to use belts or get creative. I am currently working on a solution for the longer C-Beams, but that’s not something that’s going to out for a couple months.

As for positioning and use case for the XC/SO2 using C-Beams. I’ll more to share in a couple weeks.

Can you explain what “Screw Whip” is and what causes it? I have no experience with lead screws. I can make some assumptions but verification would be nice to know.


Think of a jump rope with one end tied to a stationary object and you have the other end in your hand.

You rotate the lead crew from one end. At low feed rates its fine. But at higher feed rates it ‘whips’ like a jump rope.

Thanks, that is what I assumed, just wanted to verify

I was looking at the V rail system and noticed they now have upgraded wheels.
Both a upgraded solid wheel design as well as a tougher material option.

The C Rails look like they may have less flex and twist.
(Something I have been looking at as a possible gantry upgrade)

I am wanting to build an 1800mm Machine, but am concerned about the rigidity of frame. Could you please provide me some guidance on a direction to go? I am not certain of how stable the X-Carve rails will hold up alone.