Anyone using sketchucam?

I just downloaded sketchucam and installed the plugin.
I was wondering if anyone else had experience with it and if it worked at all with the x carve.
I use sketchup for designing but am having trouble importing the svg into easel.
The problem with importing the svg is that it isn’t importing the right way. When it comes up in easel its a big black blob.

any thoughts?

I used it for a while several months ago. There’s a bit of a learning curve but nothing major. I used it mainly for 2.5D but played with 3D a little - been too busy to get back to the 3D stuff. SUCam works on a single face that must be on the base plane. Also, it must have blue faces to work, which is a bit counter-intuitive if you’re a seasoned SU user. I got away from it when I bought VCarve but need to get back to try some 3D.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I’ll try and mess around with it.
I’m just afraid easel is to basic for anything I’m trying to make.

I use Sketchup for drawing and have also seen the svg files imported into Easel just produce a black blob sometimes with part of the image. I use the workaround suggested by someone else on this forum to open the svg generated by Sketchup in then just save it again. That newly saved svg will import perfectly into Easel.

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