Anyone wanna build the x carve for me?

Hi guys, currently searching for a used prebuilt machine, however if not found, Id like to purchase a brand new one. However, I am in the process of moving shops and would not have the time to get it up and running and for me to mess around with. If there is anyone in the tristate area that has built one before and would like to come to the shop and build one Id be more than happy to compensate. Please send a text or call at 7323538883.


Which three states are you talking about?

Nj/PA/NY. I’m in central jersey.

Wish you were closer I’m in central Pennsylvania or I’d be interested in helping

I’m in CT, but I’d build it and you’d have to come get it.

You might want to be at least minimally involved with the construction of your Xcarve.

Down the road you’ll need to know how to align and perform routine maintenance on the machine and it will be helpful to understand how it all goes together and gets setup.


Dang @PhilJohnson Wish I’d known that when I put mine together. Oh wait, that’s a coma in there isn’t it!!


Id certainly be willing to build it for you. Im in NE CT. Same as the guy above, you’d have to come and get it, and of course I’d need to be compensated.

I’m in Central NJ. Down the shore. I’d be happy to do it

We just received a 1000 series model and will also pay for assembly… I’m in White Plains NY
Please call 914-980-0612.