Anyone want to trade for a Suckit?

Hey all, I bought a suckit dust boot a while back only to find out it ONLY works with X Carve machines, which is great and all, but my table was custom built by a local guy (similiar to x carve, just not the same mounting).

I’ve seen a lot of guys posting their sucking system they made themselves (i saw one that looked to be 3d printed and another out of milled acrylic). I’d be willing to try making my own with acrylic, but i havent milled acrylic yet and since i have a suckit, i figured id ask to trade someone first!

With all that being said, would anyone that is experienced in making some for a Dewalt 611 be interested in trading? Im the CNC guy and shipping manager at my work, so I can ship it to you!


I may be interested in trading with you. What Suckit Model did you purchase?

I saw a design on here that I liked and modified it slightly with some additional improvements. I have yet to install it because I’m waiting for my dust collector to show up, but it worked well with a ShopVac. It’s 3D printed with a lower shoe held on by magnets with the skirt attached to the shoe (plastic from McMaster). I printed two shoes so I can cut two skirts at different lengths depending on the job, and easily swap them out.

Unfortunately I am currently traveling for business, but we will back on Saturday. I can PM you with more details regarding my design, and you can see if it is something you are even interested in.

Sounds good, just let me know and send some pics when you get a chance. This is the model i have. I’ve looked inside the box and cant find a particular “model number” though.