Anyone willing to create this for me?

Is Chilipeppr still around? Their website just displays a blank white page…

works for me…

That link works for me

@AngelArs do you have an AdBlocker? that will prevent Chili from opening I have read.

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@Andy4us Are you saying that I can convert the image attached to an SVG and use it in Easel?

No adblocker, but theirs is the only site that does that. They must not want my money :laughing:

Chilipeppr is 100% free

You can’t use the gradient tag in the SVG. But if that is a series of paths or rects each with different greyscales, then the answer is yes. How well it will cut is dependent on the bit that is used and the granularity of the gradient itself.

I am testing the cut right now. I imported the code from fusion to easel and will post a pic let me know what you think. If you like let me know what bit you will be using and the feedrate you want. I am cutting at 40 ipm with a dull .125 ball end mill and it is doing just fine. also with the setting i am using sanding will be needed.

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That is looking awesome so far. 50 inches per minute at 0.05 should do fine

My 1/8" Ball nose bit measures 0.123

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running test #2. Ok sorry for taking soo long some people needed work done. But anyhow I have made 1 mistake I made the cut 4.5x2.25 instead of 4.5x2.5. Running the part now and if all turns out and you can deal with the .25 mistake i will post the code and pic when finished. If you want less sanding I can change the doc but it will take longer to cut.

Yes If you are speaking of gcode then it can be imported into easel and cut

Ok here we go I know I took for ever to get this for you sorry about that (busy day). I have it set up to run 50 inch per minute with a .25 inch ball end mill. It will cut this profile in a single pass with the dewalt set to 3.5 on soft wood the cut does produce a little bit of chatter on the return cut but did fine. remember to run test cuts first. Please forgive me I am still learning fusion.

first off start by making a 3x5 box CORRECTION 2.5X4.5 (where handle is to be located) with a x to get the 0 for the x,y,z, axis’s then place the cutting bit center of the x zeroed to the surface of the wood. then load gcode into easel. WARNING YOU WILL HAVE TO MANUALLY TURN ON THE DEWALT BEFORE RUNNING THE CODE I DO NOT HAVE IT SET TO AUTOSTART!!!

BEEBOX (111.4 KB)


Nice job, shane. That looks great.

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Thanks it came out really smooth very little finish sanding needed.
This was my first run using easel as a gcode sender very simple but I will stick with pic sender for the laser and bigger items.

@shanebell what didn’t you like about it?

It;s not that I don’t like it. the simplicity and layout is great. I just dont know what the limitations are as of yet as a matter of fact today was my first time to use it. I do some large 3d carving up to 25x25x1.5 that is alot of code to run and I am unsure of how much code easel could handle. but I will be putting it through it’s paces in the near future with some personal projects where money is not involved.

Oh I see.

I haven’t heard of someone having an issue where a file was “too big” but I completely understand not changing your software tools in a production or business environment without testing first.

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Would you happen to know how much code it can run? I am interested.