Anyone willing to demo the x carve in Scotland

Any x carve owners in the north east of scotland, or maybe the Highlands that would be willing to give me a quick demo before i take the plunge & order one, i am based in Dufftown but would travel to view one in action …
this machine looks exactly what i need…

Hope you can find someone but in the mean time you can check out the users here.
I for one bought one without demo. I think it was a better investment than my first thoughts.
There is a bit of trial and error. Just read up on the issues others have ran into and you will not fall into those.
Main thing is follow instructions exactly and use locktite on all your fasteners that do not have a nylon tread nut. Also get yourself a torsion box to mount it too. Goes a long way keeping the surface as flat as you can get it. You will need to invest in bits. There are all types and lots of recommendations here. You will need a good surface bit to flatten 2ndary waste board that you use with your wood/plastic/metal work piece. :slight_smile:

Happy to do a demo.

Just need you to send me airfare, book me a hotel, recommend good places to eat… :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, I’d happily do it if I wasn’t several timezones away. As @StephenCook stated, there are a lot of users here on the forum happy to answer ANY and ALL questions you might have, myself included.

My top 3 suggestions are, in order:

  1. Make sure to get the XController with it (I ordered mine back in the days when it was optional)
  2. SUPPORT is critical. Make a torsion box, it’ll save you a TON of headache. I spent the weeks waiting for my XC to arrive researching the best size and making a box.
  3. Take your time assembling, its easy to rush in the excitement, but you’ll just frustrate yourself.

oh, and 4) HAVE FUN!

If you have any questions, do a search, if you don’t find an answer, ask, you’ll get plenty of replies…

I’m 357 miles away in North West England if you don’t mind travelling, I would be happy to demo.

Google maps shows interesting places to visit near you. Are you aware that Inventables has a uk distributor that will save you a lot of money on shipping and EU taxes.

You do not need to be an engineer but it helps if you take pride in proper assembly of things, as you can read from the forum we are willing to help but it still need your hands to put into practice. Assembly is not complicated and the software chain has a low entry level.

What kind of tings do you want to create with the machine?

Just a tad too far stuart pearson, but thanks for the offer, what i really wanted to know was how noisy the dewalt router is when its under load cutting into hardwood as my workshop is fairly close to neighbours, but thanks for the reply anyway

Sandy, turn on a shop vac in your workshop and go over to the neighbor’s. The DeWalt will not be as loud.

thanks for the replies everyone but would still prefer someone a little nearer to me, i prefer a little hands on rather than diving in head first as it were. i need to make sure the x carve is up to the task i have in mind, but i will give robosavvy
a call very soon.

I walked 30-50 feet away from my machine in my unfinished basement (in the corner with concrete walls) and could not hear it and Could just barely hear the shop vac running. If I go upstairs I can barely hear the shop vac only. This was running a project at 80 ipm in pine. Now if it’s completely open air, you might hear it but if it’s inside a building, you should be good.

thats perfect john, i can live with that , i was thinking it would be louder, thanks

great, that would suit me fine, thanks for taking the time to reply…