Anyone willing to try this controller

Leadshine Stepper drivers capable of driving 4 Stepper motors individually with 20 ~ 40 VDC power supply.
Simply drivin by CAM software NC Studio. This software comes with PCI controller, interface board and connection cable all together. NC Studio Parameters are easy to configure for the any size of work area.
My big router works with similar setup, only higher DC input for bigger stepper motors.

Cost is very dependable. It’s around $250.00, maybe less.

Best thing having this setup is the control of the machine. Power goes off and on, start from the same point with no interruption. Also easy to Advance start from any line on Gcode. There is one single connection for Z zero, no need to carry ground, one wire and simple aluminum plate. And much more.

Let’s discuss.

looks interesting especially at this price. When done with my recent pinion rebuild I have been looking at moving past x controller, will be watching for sure.

That’ s reasonable. I didn’t know you have different controller.
What Cam software drives your setup?

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If you get a chance, take a close look at NC Studio capabilities. You’ll be amazed. I also use Vcarve pro, Alphacam. I know you are the master of Fusion 360 and SolidCAM which I have never have success on those.
The deal is control is yours. Pause any time you want. Turn PC and equipment off, come back next day, start where did you leave. If you break your bit, change it, auto zero it, go back several lines on Gcode and start from that point forward. All kind of goodies.
The controller answer is yes one individual driver for each axis, and they’re powerfull.
I already ordered 4 drivers, And NC Studio kit. Can’t stand with Java or Web based Cams after all. I want my both routers with same configuration.