Anyone with a x-carve in the Atlanta,ga area?

Anyone from the Atlanta, ga area have a x-carve. I make fishing lures for a living and I am looking to get something to cut small (approx 1inch x 2 inch) 1/8th inch thick polycarbonate crankbait (fishing bills/lips) and would love to see the machine in person before buying. I’m kinda limited in knowledge on this kind of stuff. I hope I selected the right forum for this request.

I am 4 hours away, let me know if you cannot find anyone closer. Good fishing where I am at.

I’ll definitely keep u in mind. Thanks bud.

Which part of Atlanta?

Hi justinbusby. I’m in north Atlanta acworth ga to be more specific. I just want to see ome of these things and what all it entails. I’ll drive to you of your in Atlanta. I appreciate you reaching out.


I’m in Lithia Springs, GA. 2 miles west of Six Flags!

Hi Gregory Powell. Man can I arrange to pay you a visit? Email me or leave your email and I’ll get in touch with ya. I really appreciate you reaching out. My email is thanks a ton

I sent you an email!