Anything we could be doing to help?

It’s crossed my mind a few times this week so I thought I’d finally do something about it. With everything happening in the world I wondered how we could utilize our X-Carves, Carveys etc to help. I’ve seen great examples from owners of 3D Printers but wondered if there’s anything we could CNC.

I’m no expert so maybe there isn’t.


If anyone is interesting I came across which is a growing number of volunteers that are working on various projects to help people suffering from the COVID-19 crisis.

If you want to also volunteer you can fill in the volunteer form here… There is also a Fabrication Equipment form on that page also.

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I do have a small suggestion:

I am an ophthalmologist, and although we are mostly shut down like everybody else, we are continuing to see urgent and emergent patients. Many of these patients are elderly and in the highest risk population, but have problems that can’t wait.

The “slit lamp,” which is a stereoscopic microscope, is absolutely critical for ophthalmology and optometry exams, but it requires a near face to face position which carries with it a risk for transmission of respiratory diseases like COVID -19.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has recommended the use of “cough shields” on slit lamps and the various slit lamp based lasers that we use to reduce the risks of transmission for patients and providers. They are commercially available, but mostly sold out and expensive.

I was able to quickly make enough for our office using materials I had on hand and from the local “big box” hardware stores using my x-carve and a k40 laser.

If you have the time (the materials are cheap) to cut a handful and drop them off at your eye doctors’ office my guess is they would be appreciated, and potentially would prevent some cases of COVID-19 in a vulnerable population. I put a file in the projects section, but am attaching a .dxf here as well.

I used .093 and .117” acrylic, because it was what I could get my hands on. Thinner is better, and .060” PETG would probably be the best. Acrylic works fine though, and the non-glare matte finish is fine as well.shield.dxf (2.6 KB)