Anyway to test the speed?

This is going to have to wait until its warmer weather but I suspect my machine isnt running at the speed I set it at. Even with the updated estimated cut times my “estimated 17 min” cut is taking an hour or two. I have a 1000mm with the dewalt upgrade. Everything else is cutting right just seems sluggish compared to the videos i watch.


He is cutting at 75ipm
I normally keep it at 75-90ipm but his machine is cutting moving faster.

I am not talking about cutting the material or depth i am just talking about how fast the gantry moves even if its not cutting.

The acceleration setting in the GRBL setting will make a huge difference in how fast your machine is actually moving. I suggest you look at your settings and see if they are at the default or not.

$120=50.000 (x accel, mm/sec^2)
$121=50.000 (y accel, mm/sec^2)
$122=50.000 (z accel, mm/sec^2)

You can increase these settings at your own peril, but they will have a definite effect on how fast your machine moves.

WARNING - setting these acceleration values to high may actually damage your machine (and break bits) and will certainly prevent you from making clean cuts

Here is a video with the acceleration set at 4000 mm/sec^2

Beat to the punch by Allen!

You should compare your GRBL settings between the two machines. Use $$ at the command line for GRBL and check the $values $120,$121 and $122 those should be acceleration for x,y and z. I think those are the values that control what your thinking about.


The X Carve comes with default acceleration settings which are quite low as Newton figured out that the force on a mass depends on the acceleration, at high acceleration settings you will put a lot of strain on the belts etc.
Grbl decelerates before taking a corner before gaining speed again. So on a job with lots of details it will continuously decelerate and accelerate and lose a lot of time doing that.

more on settings here

The weight of the spindle will make a difference too.
If you use a 6 lbs one vs a 3 lbs one the speed settings and actual speed will be different.
Also the faster the speed the more shake. Make sure your system is nailed down.