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App file-input contents for an SVG seem to be automatically converted to PNG?

I’ve just started experimenting with the Easel API. I am uploading an svg file using a file-input. When I look at the data returned from FileStack for the uploaded SVG file, I get a PNG version of the SVG. I am just using the FileStack REST api, not through their library or anything. They have some capacity to convert files automatically for users but I wouldn’t think it would be a default. Any thoughts? The code can be found here


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It’s possible that it is just an PNG embedded in an SVG. To properly convert from PNG to SVG you have to do an Image trace. to convert from pixel data to vector data.

The svg is just a path exported by OpenSCAD. Definitely no image embedded within it. I renamed it to a .txt and I get the svg data no problem. Must be something either Easel or FileStack is doing automatically based on the extension.