Apple Watch Stand

Tonight’s project was a prototype charging stand for my Apple Watch mostly as a learning exercise for VCarve Desktop. There are a number of problems with the design that I need to work through and improve, but for a quick spur of the moment project I’m reasonably satisfied with the first attempt.

The charger slot, in particular fits incredibly well. Almost too well since I forgot to bore a whole to push it out from the back side. I was kind of worried that I wouldn’t be able to get it back out without destroying the stand. :blush:


Looks fantastic.
Is that charger only working with Apple Watch or does work for Cell phones. Because I’m looking for least expensive way to add this to my charging station project.

The Apple Watch charger only works with the Apple Watch.


Alan - depending on your phone, it might already be Qi compatible. See this page for more information. If it is not compatible, you can add this capability provided that your phone can charge from the micro-usb port using only +5v and ground and does not require a signal on the data lines, by using a transmitter/receiver combo from this same site.

Looks like a fun project!

Actually - you could probably make any phone work. You can google what type of signal your phone requires on the data lines, and create that signal with a voltage divider circuit. Here is an example of how they figured out what signals apple devices require:

The project you can see is for Galaxy Note4. It is only compatible if you buy Samsung Black sphere they says price of $49.99 and also you have to buy charging pad to put under back cover is $49.99 as well. That makes $100 plus. I don’t know if I can ask that amount from customer. It will be total of $130 plus.
Here is the picture of Black Sphere.

That might be the solution. Qi back cover was $34.99 and this device selling for $26.95. Less expensive. Will think about it. Thanks.

I have 2 NOTE 3s and a S3 all using the QI charger. You can find some good deals on Amazon. I bought the generics and have had great luck with all of them.

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Looking at the generics, this looks like a great idea. The reviews are telling… some very highly rated and others are disastrous. But it sure looks like you could pry these open and use the innards - and some are even small enough to totally incorporate into Alan’s design and are cheaper than the Adafruit components.

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