Apps in Easel: Vectorizing images

Yay! It works! Thanks!


It was working great yesterday, but I just tried to upload an image into the vectorizer and I received this error message

[uuid=960D7AB01D784B54] This action has been secured by the developer of this website. Error: The signature has expired

Try refreshing the page. There is some odd expiration behavior with our image uploading. Let me know if refreshing helps.

I couldn’t find this earlier. Thanks to all who cleared up where to find it. I will give it a try in the next day or so. I’m looking forward to seeing how well it works. I’ve struggled a bit with Inkscape to date.

I refreshed the page and that fixed the problem. Thanks

##There is now a gear generator app also!

Check out this thread for more info: More Easel Apps: Gear generator!


I have a suggestion.

Now that we have an easy way to create files that have hundreds or thousands of vectors it would be nice to be able to turn off the automatic saves. I was just cleaning up a vector image and each time I made a tiny change Easel stopped responding for about 45 seconds while it saved the image.

If I could turn off auto save while I was making adjustments and turn it back on again that would be great. Or just let the user save the file when we need to save it.


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It feels like Christmas!

Thanks Santa

That probably isn’t actually the saving-s fault. It says “Saving…” when you change something, but really it just waits patiently until you have stopped making changes and then saves, the actual “save” only takes a fraction of a second.

I believe that the real problem probably lies in what we call the “accurate preview”. That is when we take the gcode (well, a simplified version) that would be generated and simulate it onto the 3D preview. It can take some time with complex designs. We have been working on ways to make the process faster and smarter about when to run. I’ll keep you updated on it.

I’m sorry I know that can be very frustrating with a large design.

Maybe if there was a way to turn off the 3D preview while we adjust the image.

If you click Show Toolpaths, a checkbox pops up to Hide Material. Speeds things up for me!

I just ran a quick test - with about 900 vectors, deleting one vector takes about 14 seconds with the material being shown and about 12 seconds with the material hidden. So it is a bit quicker but still seems like a long time when making lots of edits.

I am not complaining, it is still way better than doing the vector work in Inkscape.

I will run the gcode later and see how it turns out.


Hey @AllenMassey yea we need to do it more a-synchronously that will speed it up.

The way we are doing it right now is not the most efficient so it gets bogged down with big files.

We talked about it internally and there are optimizations we will make to reduce the time it takes to recalculate.

At this point anything you do to speed it up is just icing on the cake. I am very happy with the new apps.

The vectorization app is amazing, and you developy-types should be pretty darn proud of yourselves. I haven’t carved any of the designs out yet, but I was actually shocked at how fast and (in a computer brain sense) intuitive the app is. It really does a bang up job. If we could export the results as an SVG (hint, hint :slight_smile: ) I’d be able to use the same files to cut some wicked decals on my vinyl machine too, and save myself an inordinate amount of design time and frustration with other software.

Here is how it turned out. Used a 1/32 bit .02 per pass total cut depth of .04 on white pine. Stained and then sanded the surface to lighten it a bit. The size is about 4x5 Doing this on a tighter grain wood would really help.

Not bad for 30 minutes of work.


I’m just so proud to be part of this amazing people working in such amazing ideas! just amazing!

Paul, Easel is Awesome, Can I have access to these early APPS, i have been working with easel pretty exclusively, love the ability to work from anywhere. Just got off the phone with a great guy at inventables… Thanks for everything.

Had a chance to play with the vectorising app this afternoon. Works really, really well for just about anything I threw at it.

Just need to throw a few designs at the actual X-Carve now.




I would definitely love to see the V carving in easel!! I am working on my X-CARVE workstation right now that I plan on putting in some V bit text, if that comes out soon I can use easel and post up the video mentioning all the features coming into easel! But I’m hoping to get to the text in the next couple days and as of right now I’m using V Carve Pro!!