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Apps to modify generated gcode?

So, I was thinking back to @IanWatkins old posts about changing the gcode (I think just by using some find/replace macros with something like Notepad++) to work with changing some of the Z moves to laser on/off commands.

Since I do plan on cutting out parts with the laser, and will still use Z up and down, I’d have to add some manual laser on/off so that the laser turns off while Z is going up and down, but then turns back on when Z is in place and it’s time to cut again.

Looking at App Development so far, it seems to be limited to making and modifying shapes.

Is there anything I’m missing as far as Easel Apps that would work as kind of a post-processor/gcode editing thing?

You are not missing anything Alan, right now apps can only produce SVGs.

Have a look at this feature request I banged in months ago: "Special Bits" Support?

That would give the framework you would need for lasers, drag-knifes other tools etc. and hopefully all without getting your hands dirty messing with the gCode.



Thanks Ian. I “liked” your request in hopes that the dev team sees it and considers it.

Though I’m still waiting for the zoom buttons on 3d preview. :smile: