Aquarium pump for cooling and chip clearing

I just set up this aquarium pump to blow air on the cutting point. Hopping to get air cooling and chip clearing for milling aluminum. Has anyone else tried this? Did it help?

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Savvas tried it for misting cooling. I think it didn’t work.

I think that any liquid coolant or lube is a no-go with the XCarve. It has too much MDF and exposed hardware. But I am hoping that this helps me cut aluminum dry. Also, the unit I have is about twice the pressure-volume of the unit Savvas tested. Still hopeful.

How did the cooling work out for you?
I’m thinking something in that direction my self.

I tried the biggest pump I could find at retail and it was nowhere close to the amount of air required.

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Thnx, then aquarium pumps are out of the game :smiley: