Arduino Bluethooth module?

Has anyone put a blue tooth module on the Arduino ?

Is it capable to handle the information ?

I have seen on ebay that it is possible to get the bluetooth module for under 10$, so it would be nice to have the wireless ability.

What would you use the wireless connection for? My experience with Bluetooth has shown it is not the most reliable of communication channels (at least not without lots of data validation and redundancy). I would be afraid to send gcode commands via bluetooth since if just one command gets dropped or garbled the result will be very bad,

That is exactly what i was worried about :slight_smile: , so i think i will just get a longer USB cable.

I have a few of the bluetooth modules and arduinos scattered around the house reading humidity and temperature, they do work pretty well. Here is the problem you will face…to operate the bluetooth module, the control must be programmed into the code in the arduino, so unless the wonderful developers of GRBL have added that into their source code that has been loaded onto your arduino, it simply will not work.

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