Arduino board not being recognized?

During carving, my power strip for the computer and the X-Carve tripped. Not the end of the world, I figured. But after restarting the computer, the Arduino board is not being properly recognized. The computer sees it in device manager, but Easel does not see it, and Arduino software cannot flash to it (but sees it connected). When it’s plugged in, the L light blinks, but no RX or TX. Power light is on.

Is this normal? Should losing power mid-carve have affected it like that?

can you see it in the Serial monitor?
can you see if the comm port is right?

regards Neal

I think I solved it, and hopefully some issues that have been plaguing me since I got the X-Carve. I went and manually updated the driver, and that finally allowed me to reflash the grbl. Carving now!

Nice one :slight_smile: