Arduino Communication

This may be kind of a noob Arduino question but when I tell my X-Carve to carve and it talks to the Arduino is Easel loading the complete G-Code/cutting path to the Arduino and then it begins carving or is it constantly in communication with my computer getting chunks of G-Code? I assume the Arduino has the full G-Code and is reporting back to the PC running Easel its current X progress since I dont find much in Bi-directional communication on Arduino’s USB port. From what Im seeing the USB port is more one directional your either loading the Arduino or getting status. I know its not directly a X-Carve/Easel question but Im beginning to learn Arduino and want to learn more. I would post this question to the Arduino group but doubt everyone there has knowledge of the x-carve device. Can someone point me in a direction to understand more?

The gcode is streamed continuously from your computer to the arduino.

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Thanks Neil. That kind of kills all the Arduino training material I have because none of them seem to cover how you can have your pc constantly talk to the Arduino to give it instructions over the USB port. Time to find better training material.

That’s what Easel is doing. Or UGS. Or CNCjs. Or picsender.
The gcode senders are doing the sending. The arduino just “interprets” it and says ok.