Arduino Due with easel

Will easel work if i use arduino due with the gshield instead of the arduino uno?

Gshield on a Due- Yes. But you have to run TinyG2 on the Due. As for Easel. It would not work as it support GRBL.
TinyG is different.

Before you just plug it in, please read the tinyg info, there are voltage differences between the uno and due.


He asking about replacing the UNO with a Due.

Yes, the due is 3.3 volts, the uno is 5…I believe, if I remember correctly, a jumper has to be set, or a trace needs to be cut on the g-shield to make it work…it’s in the tiny info.

What does that have to do with the gsheild? Nothing has to be altered on the gsheild for that to work.

I’ve done this. Nothing changes.

You are correct, I had read this a while ago I must have gotten my wires crossed :slight_smile: It states the 5v logic is compatible with the Due: