Arduino, g shield enclosure modification

Hi inventables, wondering if you can help me here. Maybe @BartDring would be the best to ask, I’m going to do a slight modification and add xlr connectors to the x,y,z. I see in the pictures there are cutouts in the enclosure. What I intend to do is run some Perspex on the inside or outside an drill appropriate sized holes @ centres to accept the connectors and do a pre wire before the machine arrives.

My main reason for this is I want it so I can completely disconnect machine from electronics etc without a need for a screwdriver.

What I would like to know is the measurements of the x,y,z face length,width, depth,hole centres and wall thickness please.

I was also wondering if the x carve has a physical emergency stop button

Hope this isn’t to much of a hassle


@MatthewHubbard That enclosure pre-dates X-Carve so it was not uploaded to GrabCAD. I just added those files.

There is no physical e-stop button that is part of the electronics, but we do sell one. I would love to see pictures of your mods when you are done.

I too have purchased a large mushroom E-Stop button and i’m wondering the best way to go about preforming a hard stop of the machine with out causing damage to the electronics. would disconnecting the power be a safe way to stop the machine with out screwing anything up?