Arduino Mega 2650 GRBL

It looks like some people have managed to get GRBL to run on a Mega 2650. Has anyone here tried? I had 2 thoughts about this “upgrade”.

  1. I would be able to add an addition stepper aka Y1 and Y2, or maybe a 4th axis eventually.
  2. I would also be able to add additional switches,

Which brings me to another topic, and my primary motivation for this research. Part of my routine before starting a carve is making sure the distance between the end of the maker slide and the y-axis plate are very close to being the same. I was thinking if I could add a limit switch to the other side and add it to the homing routine it would be one less thing to worry about.

There is a CPU map for 2560 in the grbl-1.0c so I don’t think it would be a stretch

Found this:

I am running Ardunio Uno with GRBL-shield, I have two motors on my Z-axis (Y1 & Y2), no issues.
The 4th driver of the GRBL-shiled can only duplicate X/Y/Z so probably can not be used for a 4th axis directly. Provided the Arduino can output signal for a 4th axis then all you’d need is a single extra driver :slight_smile:

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Uno and Grbl here as well, I am looking to do some upgrades including bigger steppers. GRBL-shield is limiting me in my choices

The arduino can control any stepper driver you want. The Gshield is only used due to its simplicity. Money is usually the only drawback from using other solutions. A Geko Drive is the first thing that comes to mind.

Grbl will run on Mega 2650. There are multiple vendors selling Arduino Shields with noise capacitors and probe connection pins for the UNO. This allows you to have a separate driver for each motor.

Protoneer sells one for Grbl 0.9, other ebay offerings are mostly made for Grbl 0.8. There is a difference in pinout.

With this Shield you can reach 80% of the power output of the X-Controller. When cooled properly this should not be a problem.