Arduino Stepper Pins?

Hello! First off, I am completely blown away by the ease of Easel… Such a breeze. Secondly, I was wondering how Easel knows which pins are connected to each x, y, and z stepper motor, for forwards, and backwards… I just plugged one in arbitrarily, as a test, and it moves… Does it auto-detect, or is there something obvious I’m missing…?

Much thanks,

Troy Perry

It’s programmed to know.

Run machine setup in Easel.

Look here for the pinout.

Wow that’s fantastic. Thanks for the swift reply! I think I’m good to go now, but if you know, I’m just curious about the functions of the limit pins?

The switch inputs can be used as homing switches and/or limit switches. You can run without using the switches at all, but you give up quite a bit of the usefulness if you don’t at least use them as homing switches.

Homing synchronizes the hardware (X-carve) with grbl which opens up a lot of functionality that is not available if you don’t home your machine. I’ll look up a reference page for you.