Are the pictures in the Y Axis section all wrong?

The instructions in the Y Axis section say to install the Makerslide with the slot in the upper position if the limit switches are to be installed, but the pictures all seem to have it in the lower position - are they all wrong?

Yes, the Y-axis images/videos that show the slot on the botom, are incorrect. Those for the X-Axis Makersldies look to be correct.

Thanks for the confirmation. Inventables should really reshoot those photos, wouldn’t be that big a deal.

I noticed the same thing on the location of the slot on the Markerslide. Confusing because there are THREE slots.

I have the limit switches installed and working, don’t really understand why someone would choose not to install them.

For starters it means you can turn soft limits on and the machine will then prevent anything stupid from happening like moving the machine past its physical limits. It seems to me they could also be used to re-position for multi bit/stage carves if the switch positioning is repeatable enough.