Are there any x-carves in Johannesburg South Africa yet?

I would really like to see one in the flesh before I make my order

got mine this week will start to set it up soon

Hi Frank

Thanks for responding, would you mind if I had a look at your machine once it is built?

I would like to inspect the parts quality, speed and ease of use. Are you building the whole kit as is or have sourced other parts from local distributors: stepper motors, belts, waste board, spindle etc ?

Is it the 1000 x 1000 or the 500 x 500 machine?

Hi Frank,

I am really thinking of getting a x-carve, but am a little worried about shipping. How did you recieve your machine and how long did it take? Would appreciate your assistance, as i am a little worried using our awesome Post Office.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

It took a little over two week for the packages to arrive. I first bought the shapoko 2 but the package got lost but Inventables offered to replace it immediately i took credit and ordered the xcarve. So i would not worry about the shipping just make sure to use your postal address.



@ChristopherPAmoretti not at all i ordered the 1000 x 1000 full house except the waste board i will cut the board here



@FrankDaSerra hows the build going?
any hassles?

@ChristopherPAmoretti I am waiting for inventables to ship me some motor connectors then i can continue. I am a bit frustrated


I am down here in Cape Town and my 1000 x 1000 is at the post-office. Could U confirm the amount of boxes that U received and with a nice supprize apparently the cost to receive my package is R4410. How insane is that?

Mine is on the way as well, R4410 for VAT or what? That’s crazy!


I am just about to order mine, based in Durban. @Frank have you finally got your up and running?



My Build also came to a screeching halt as there was not enough v-wheels shipped to me. But they apologized and sent the rest via UPS. Hope to get loads done on Thursday on Braai-Day.

Hi all,

I’m also planning to buy the X-carve (1 x 1m full house) with the X-controller , please let me know how it is once everything is all setup, would love the honest feedback


I have just purchased my X -Carve and received it within 3 weeks. The vat I paid to Witbank cost me just under R3000.00. All the parts was supplied and no issues to build the machine.I did not purchased the spindle mount but have it on order. Should be here in 3 weeks time. I have calibrated the machine and the software work fine and very easy to use. Hope to do my first carve in about 3 weeks.

Anyone know what tariff code they used in SA?