Are these advisable feed, plunge, depth, spindle rates?

Do these sound like correct settings to use on 8.5mm plywood.

The plywood is advertised as hardwood, but it’s not as hard as stuff I’ve used previously.

I’m using a Masuter Pro with a Makita palm router as spindle, an 1/8” compression bit.

The job only involves cutting 8mm wide circles/holes all the way through the plywood.

There’s a lot of conflicting info online, and I’ve only got one compression bit, so I want to try and look after it.

These are the settings I’m about to use.

Bit: 1/8” Compression bit

Feed rate: 2000mm per minute

Plunge Rate: 1000mm per minute

Depth per pass: 4.7mm

Spindle Pass: 17500 rpm (Makita setting 3)

Is this a good staring point?



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