Are these models that X-Carve can carve?

Hello everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

I have been lurking the forum for about 6 months now, and finally decided to participate in some posts. I am a new CNC user.

I was looking for a CNC router on a budget so I decided to go with the X-Carve. I thought it would be fun to put it together and learn how it CNC works. With this being said, I am still very new to the terminology being used and also some commonly used abbreviations. I just google everything until I figure it out.

I have upgraded the spindle to the Dewalt 611. I plan on ordering the 1/8th inch collet that I keep reading about to take advantage of some fine detail bits. So far I have completed one test cut on the stock spindle after initial set-up of the machine.

I downloaded the trial version of V-Carve Pro. I plan to buy it if it is the most suitable program for what I need. With that being said, please look at the attached files. What is the best way, in your opinion, to accomplish making these models?

These plaques are 3" x 6" x .5" thick. I build them in Solidworks. My plan was to save them as .stl files and import them into V-Carve to generate toolpaths. To my knowledge, all these models are 2D or 2.5D (profile cuts with clearing in between letters, with a couple fillets on the border).

What I’m thinking is to just treat these plaques as a mini “raised text sign”. Plus a profile cut that removes the plaque from the material (with tabs to hold the work piece in place). I have some fine detail inbetween letters and in the corners. Will I have to clear all the unwanted material in between letters and designs with the same tiny detail bit?

Any help/direction/comments/questions would be greatly appreciated.


Happy Valentines Day with Hearts.STL (588.7 KB)Scuba Diver With Text.STL (837.8 KB)Congratulations Text Only.STL (382.5 KB)

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Hey! Welcome to the forums!

All of the carvings you have posted can be done in easel including the actual pocket carve and tabs on cutting it out. You will need a small bit for some of the narrow details that would be lost with a bigger bit. With that said you will absolutely need the 1/8 collet you mentioned. V-Carve pro may be overkill if this is the kind of carvings you want to do primarily.

Good luck with your build and projects!

Hi Elliott, welcome to the club! :smile:

With the exception of rounded or chamfered profiles in the X-Z and Y-Z planes, you should be able to import all of those into Easel as SVG’s and cut them. I’d recommend asking to try the two stage cuts, to cut down time.

I’m sure V-Carve is good software, but you don’t necessarily need to spend the money on it for those models. If you have a small router and router table, you can round over or chamfer the outer edges easily enough. You can even save some time with your cuts by only cutting 1/4" deep on the outer profile, separating it with a table saw/bandsaw/radial arm saw, and then cleaning up the edges with a flush trim bit on the same small router table.

I can’t wait to see what some of these look like when you get them made!

Thanks guys. Due to your replies, I have some more direction. I built a project in easel that I think will accomplish my goals. I will give it a try and post the results. My machine will probably need some calibration so we will see how that battle goes. I appreciate the feedback.


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as for the actual designs, you can easily do 2D pockets with makercam or easel.

For the edges, they look like frameborders, so you can just buy a frame that fits, or make your own using wooden mitered profiles… And if you use a different tone of wood it will be more beautiful too