Are you an european customer? Thinking of build online store

I’m Arthur from France. I recently build my beautiful Xcarve but living outside US is such a pain!
So I thinking to open an european store and I need your help for that!

First of all buying the machine from Inventables is impossible due to taxes so I choose the lonely european reseller Robosavvy.
You need to wait more than 1 month before shipping because it’s a preorder. I wait 3 more weeks due to their supplying (without counting some days for shipping). It was a bad user experience when you just waiting to carve.

Days after assembly my beauty, I need more carving bits. Problem, we don’t have the same units! (imperial/metric).
I wanted high-quality bits (CMT carbide) but it’s 8mm, not 1/4"…
I ordered some bits from Italy and router collet from United States (ElaireCorp), and I wait, wait again…

• I’m asking if you have met same difficulties?
• Where do you buy your stuff?

• Are you interested by an european store with all cnc consumables?
With free and fast shipping through all Europe ( GB as well :wink: ), all stuff in stock.

Here is a quick —2 questions— survey and mailing list if you are interested by the project:

Thanks for your shares!

hello arthur

[language baguette]
alors je sais pas toi, mais moi j’ai commandé ma x-carve sur le meme site que toi, je l’ai reçu super rapidement (elle devais être en stock surement…)

ensuite je te rejoint sur le faite de de pas pouvoir/vouloir achetter sur le site de inventable, meme pour les pièces détachées les frais de port et de tax sont inoui

pour les mèches de 8mm tu trouvera sans soucis sur ebay, amazone, ou meme sur un founisseur d’outils un collet pour la dewalt en 8mm. j’ai achetter le mien sur mais il ne le vendent plus…

ensuite pour le reste j’achette principalement sur ebay, chine etc… pour le frais de port gratos

(translate for non-baguette speekers ^^)
I have ordered my x-carve on the same website as you, I got it super fast (it had to be in stock probably …)

i’m according with you about shipping in inventable online store even for spare parts, the shipping costs and tax are nonsense

for 8mm bits you’ll find easy on ebay, amazon, or even a tool supplier a collet for dewalt in 8mm.
i’ve bought mine on but there is no mor.

Then for the rest I bought mainly on ebay, china etc … for free shipping

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Hello Arthur,

The first months after I first got my X-carve (Robbosavvy also), I’ve searched the european webshops high and low for collets, bits, parts, … .
Especially the carving bits were very hard to find. But, I’ve found a really good webshop (in Germany) who sell excellent quality bits for reasonable prices and just a few days delivery-time.
But, for every other part I need (belts etc), it’s a real struggle to find them online. Even Robbosavvy doesn’t sell everything you would want for your X-carve.
So, yes, I would be very interested in a european story with all cnc consumables in 1 place.
Free shipping is a bonus but as long as I would be able to find everything in one shop, I wouldn’t mind to pay for shipping.


There is this dutch website:

and off course ASL, home of the eShapeOko:

these are just off the top of my head.

So there are options, but I guess the more options the better!

There is also Ooznest that sell openbuilds stuff etc in the UK