Are you coding enhancements into Easel?

This thread here >> Easel feature request list (not a discussion thread) has numerous suggestions going back many months. During that time, Easel has been modified to include higher resolution previews, Vcarving, more fonts, simulated tool pathing, and dynamic speed control.

However, VERY FEW of the ‘user-submitted’ suggestions have made it. Why?

Easel REALLY needs some GUI enhancements to make editing much easier/better.

Can we expect some of these features to be forthcoming?

Wouldn’t hold your breath on this.

Just sayin’

More efficient tool paths. So much wasted movement.

Hi @Traxxtar,

Thanks for using Easel! As you mentioned, we made a lot of improvements to Easel in 2017 (there are even other improvements that you didn’t list, including workpieces.) We think it was a big year, and we are looking to build on it next year.

We have a lot of exciting things planned for 2018. While we can’t can’t comment on any specific feature right now, our overall goal is to continue to make it as easy as possible to make things, and to partner with those looking to start or grow a business using our machines and software.

We are continually interacting with customers and analyzing data to try and find the best improvements that will let us do that. We appreciate the suggestions and feedback that everyone has provided and continues to provide on this forum. It is an invaluable part of the process.