Area of carve for resin

I searched and didn’t find anything, I’d like to request an Easel feature, Is there any chance you guys could add something that would give us a total area or volume of a carve? It would be really helpful when figuring resin volumes for inlays. As a person who can’t program (or do much math!) it seems like it would be a simple thing to add.

In a pinch you can pour sand into the cavity and measure that volume.

That sand idea is clever!

That’s an interesting feature idea. I moved the post over to the Easel feature request category.

Thanks Zach. I have considered rice ad sand but I have enough messes around here! Also a 5 year old that really wants to help, I’d be out of sand in about 2 minutes, LOL

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Do you need to know so you can measure if you have enough resin before you put it in?

Rice will not work. It is too large. Sand works well

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Table salt?

Yes. That will work also

@Zach_Kaplan, yes and no, I also want to use the area to figure how much to mix. If i just knew how many square inches the surface of the carved out area was I could dial in how much resin to make up. Otherwise, I’m shooting blind and generally come up a touch short.