Army JROTC Chain of Command Board

My daughter is a senior in High School and a member of the JROTC program. They have a board outside their classroom that identifies the leadership in the program. Her instructor had mentioned he wanted to replace the board because it was plain and boring, thats when she volunteered ole’ dad to build something for them. So here is what I came up with. I created the toolpaths for the pockets and the sign using Aspire and carved them on my x-carve.
Each board was 43 inches long so that was a fun challenge to figure out how to plan toolpaths but it worked out great! I would create the toolpaths for the lower halves of each board by starting my origin in lower left. The upper halves i would slide the board down machine, adjust origin to top left and create new toolpaths. Time consuming but worked out better than i could have expected.
I had to move my x-carve to the ground because my normal location has a wall blocking back of machine. This turned out to be a great project to do together with my daughter.


Outstanding, even if it is Army and not Navy!