Art show invite

I have been invited to set up a stand at an art show for a weekend. Idea is to do small signs and take orders for larger items while creating other handmade items. Any incite or advice to operating an x carve at something like this.

Safety is the first thing that comes to my mind…


Brandon Parker

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Some Thoughts
Will booths next to you be accepting of the noise involved?
Dust Collection?
Stable Power?

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What was presented to me was i would have a roped off area without other vendors next to me. Wifi is accessible along with steady powe supply. Thankyou for the topics. They are all very valid concerns. All i put is usefull.

I would recommend carving things that complete quickly. Look through the “Carves in under 15 minutes” and “Carves in under an hour” sections of the forum.


I did this years ago engraving at flea markets. They are great commercial vehicles. The noise was no louder than everyone talking. However and this was a big problem, a stable flow of power. The material cost me pennies, but the machine was a big concern. Best to have a quality surge protector or battery back up.

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