Artcam Express

I purchased Artcam express because their web site shows it doing photo carving. Well guess what, Express does not do photo carving after all! They advertise Express and Insignia as one entity and that leads one to believe that Express does photo carving, at least that is how I interpreted it. Found out it doesn’t and to get it is a $2300.00 add on to Express. I am currently attempting to get a refund for the purchase price. Let’s see how that goes. I’ve said all this just to advise you, if you are considering Artcam Express for this purpose, don’t! I will be purchasing photo V Carve soon.

That would be so disappointing. hopefully they’ll give you the refund.

Other than not being able to carve photos how do you like Artcam? Have you used it to make any signs?

Are you sure ArtCAM Express can not do any photo carving?

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No, as I was only interested in it for the photo carving I haven’t tried anything else. Will be returning it for a refund and looking into v-carve photo.

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Yes, I talked with Artcam folks, need Artcam insignia, of an additional $2300.00, to do photo carving.

They clearly show the ability to carve a photo in the form of creating a relief from an image/photo in the video for ArtCAM Express, so I’m not sure of what your interpretation of a photo carving is.

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If you check it out, they are showing a video for Artcam Express AND Artcam Insignia. The photo carve only comes with the Insignia program.

I thought they had blown me off, but when I checked my credit card account they had refunded me the full purchase price. Not a word to me that they were going to do it so it was a surprise to find the credit back to my account!

I use artcam express for photos. Just can’t figure out how to get gcode into easel.

Why do you want to? There are many G-code senders that will send your G-code to the X-carve.

Good question… I thought that was the only way. Lol. I’ve only had the x carve about a week. Had a Chinese cnc with mach 3 previously.
So, how do I carve my artcam models in x carve?

Create your design in Artcam. Generate your G-code file using one of the post processors here. Use a G-code sender to set up your X-carve and send the G-code file to the X-carve.

I typically use Universal G-code Sender (UGCS) (free) or PicSender (modest license fee) to run my X-carve.

Thank you!!!