Aspire 10.507 gcode error

Last night I updated my aspire software to version 10.507. Typically I don’t ever have to touch the export settings but noticed this time they we’re a little different. When I got things the way I wanted them and saved the GCode i opened the file in easel only to get the following GCode error…
Line 76: G2X0.1300Y45.4425I0.0625J0.0000
The file contains invalid G-code syntax
I reprogrammed the part in the older version software and everything went smooth. is there a known issue with the V10.507 Aspire software or is there new setting I am missing?

They messed up the post processors, but I would’ve assumed they’re fixed by now.
A few things that’ll help:

  1. Use a metric post processor. The arc calculations aren’t precise enough for GRBL’s checks.
  2. Don’t use Easel. It doesn’t like arcs.
  3. Use a different post processor.