Aspire 8.5 book?

I bought Aspire 8.5 and playing around with it but would like a book to aid in learning.
There is a 420 page reference pdf manual that came with it, if I wanted to print that but would prefer not to.
I have looked on these forums, Vectrics forums and Googled for a book with no luck.
I like having a book and not just online videos, PDF files when learning new software.

It’s hard to believe there is not a printed book out there for Aspire.
Anyone know of one or am I just out of luck and printing the PDF file?


After searching even more I think I have a solution. I see they have companies online that do PDF to book. Perfect bound, hard or soft cover, pretty much whatever you want. I guess I’ll have to go that route.

Problem solved. Had a hardcover 420 color page book made for just $40 including shipping.
I could not have printed it myself for that.


Got a link to where you had that done?

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