Aspire 9.519 - UGS 2.0 (nightly) - Xcarve controller 1.1 grbl

Hi can anyone help? just built my x-carve 3 years on ( Dont ask ! ) anyways have had quite a few problems but will try and keep this brief ! - I can only get the internet at my workshop through tethering with my phone… not cheap also a wee bit intermittent connection !!! & I am in the uk so phoning the US is kinda shocking from a mobile here in Scotland . So here it is … I managed to set up easel and everything working ok , carved the wee box man ! but I am trying to work offline using Aspire 9.519 > UGS 2.0 (nightly build) > the X-carve controller grbl 1.1 … also installed Java 8 ! Ive been told UGS is probably the best option for now ! I have V -transfer installed as well but want to keep things as simple & useable as possible without confusing things further until i become a bit more savvy with things… G codes etc . I also have a laser to set up ,but I will leave well alone until I can use the basics ! … I feel kinda embarrased at how little I know ! & am becoming a bit frustrated with it all . (well with myself truth be told ! ) So I have got UGS installed, tried to use the setup wizard , but don’t think that will work now as I have set things up in easel ! ? so first UGS asks if the machine came with a configuration file ??? or if Imade a back up of settings ??? ( Both questions I dont Know ? ) so moving on > it goes onto motor wiring & all axis move correctly … all be it very slowly & no stopping when they hit the homing / (limit switches) , I take it thats because I have not set the homing /Limit switches in UGS yet ? then I think it was asking to measure the movement etc ? I have no idea how to do this with any accuracy at all…I am a joiner /cabinet maker to trade , but even with the best rule in the world & a new set of peepers I would probably get near 0.5mm accuracy on a good day ! Hence the need for a cnc ! I know my computing skills are terrible & only just starting to understand that a GRBL isnae hairy , but I am in need of some help with this before I crack up & go back to the chisels ! Ps I also can’t get the X-carve post P to work with Aspire & cant find any UGS there either , when trying to put x-carve into my Post P or rather open it the screen just says PC doesnt support this ? Oh sorry folks this is a long winded question I know but I am at the end of my tether here sorry & That is me just trying to get setup it looks like it is going to be blooming long hard learning curve this ! Hope I dont have to revert back to the chisels!

ironically that is how you calibrate your motion in almost any CNC machine. You use a high-quality metal rule with the finest gradations you can find and using the sharpest bit you can find (the point of a 60 degree v-bit is plenty sharp or a real engraving bit if you have one). Then you move each axis a known amount (say jog the x 500mm to the right) when your bit tip is on zero, then you see where you end up. If you are dead on 500mm then go enjoys some coffee and get carving, but if it’s off, then calculate the difference and difference percentage (as in [actual - say 490]/[expected - 500]). it’s not hard (note if you have a dust shoe remove it for this task). For the x-calibration I used my calipers, they’re rated to less than a micron - (mitutoyo isn’t cheap but it is worth it particularly on my torch cutting metal). You are never going to get this thing to tenths, but if you are carving wood not like that is precise enough material anyway…

I would recommend @PhillipLunsford’s video on his channel for calibration (that’s what I used) - also lots of other great videos on his channel:

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Thanks Henry that has helped quite a bit … Every day things seems to be getting a wee bit easier & that has helped demistify another part , I really am just a total novice at this & I can now see why so many would just want to use easel ,I am kinda glad I can’t as I am having to learn ! No doubt I have loads to learn yet !!! but I kinda like to know what or rather why something moves if you type a certain thing in !!! It was like trying to read an instruction manual in a foreign language at first ,but now learning as i go , Cheers for that it’s very much appreciated :+1:t2: , Also just got told by vetric that if you double click the x-carve in post P in Aspire the computer doesn’t know what to do & just tells you that you’re computer cant open these files . Glad it’s not me that pressed something wrong ! Oh well …will try again in the morning fingers crossed I’ll get me a cuppa tomorrow :thinking: cheers again !