Aspire bitmap help

I’m new here and waiting on my xcarve to arrive. I’ve watch many many tutorials and have been playing around with aspire. Can someone tell me how and If it is possible to take a bitmap “picture” and forum it to a shape. For instance i take and import a picture of my daughter and create component. .draw a heart and want to shape the picture to the heart. I can’t figure it out and haven’t seen anyone do anything like it on videos.

Try using a photo editor to put your photo inside a heart shape. Then import the modified photo into Inkscape to convert it to a file that aspire can use. Also import a similar shaped heart as a separate file. Then use the modeling tools in aspire to create your 2.5D shapes. However, aspire isn’t really set up to do photo lithography. Ventricle other product, Photovcarve is what you need to do that.

Yeah that’s what i was thinking. .just wanted to know if there was something i was missing. .wanted to see if i could avoid that extra step

I got it to do it one time. Still can’t figure out exactly how. There is a button under the tab that says reset inside vectors. But i can’tfigure out what I’m doing wrong to make it work every time.