Not sure if this is in the right catagory.
I’ve been searching for the answer but I can’t find it.

Currently Easel doesn’t support V-bits, so I bought Aspire.
I used aspire to generate the G-code of a simple piece of writing, I put this into Easel, and it carved it as though it were 2D (same depth right up to the corners).

It it possible to use Easel like this, or do I need to use one of the other G-code senders?
Or maybe, did I just do something wrong in Aspire?


In aspire make sure you generate a v-carve toolpath instead of an on-the-line toolpath.

I have done 3D carves with Easel as sender, no issues. Fusion360 generated the gcode and all three axis moved just as expected. Easel can do anything the gcode is telling it to do :slight_smile:

You must make good money.
Aspire is like 2k… o.O


@ Phil, I’m waiting for my machine to ship , I’m also going to be using aspire ver4 specifically to do some v carving , what do you mean by probing and why is I necessary ? I’m new to all of this I have been working with the software and have created a few signs by following the vectric you tube videos , waiting for my machine so I can figure out all the rest of the junk In order to actually send the code. I did order the z probe with my machine as well as the limit switches .

So is that the same as zeroing ?

Thanks everyone, the support on here is incredible.

Looks like the problem is with me, not the software! I’ll give it another run at the weekend.

Thanks again.