Aspire owners, assistance needed

I do not own aspire and need this photo converted to 3d for carving, can i get a quote from someone?

you can not simply covert a 2D photo to correct 3D.

Some software offers a grayscale to 3D bumpmap functionality, but with regular pictures this often doesn’t work.
For instance in this picture the darkest object (his nose) is closest to the camera, but the software will interpret the dark spot as a deep cut.

how about taking an existing 3d model, without the colour it may be ok for the customer.

yeah that would be the easiest way. Buy an stl and squish it to how you’d like it. But then it wouldn’t be ‘your’ dog which might be an issue if it’s meant to have emotional value.

Making stl from pictures isn’t that hard tbh. The hardest part would actually be to have the dog sit still while you take pics from various angles :slight_smile:

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