Aspire set up question

Can anyone tell me which post processor to choose on aspire for the x carve ? I got the files and manual installed them but they don’t show

They are here:

I had to dump them directly in the directory (not in a subdirectory).

Thanks. Got it to show them in aspire. What program are you using to send to the machine ?

BTW if you drop them into the my_postp folder (I think that’s what it’s called), only those options will show up.

I think most Vectric users are using either Chilipeppr ( or Universal Gcode Sender (UGS)

UGS here. also did what Pjtx suggested and put them in the my_postp folder

you might want to make a couple changes to the post processor file, mainly adding a M5 spindle shut off at the end if you are using automatic spindle and i also removed the T1M6 tool change command at the beginning and added a G91 command for safe measure

I just installed my Aspire 8 and it includes a post processor for XCarve (both Inch and mm).