Aspire, stacked text, v carve, and a 3d image

I got frustrated this weekend trying to design a welcome sign in Aspire, and I hope someone has an idea as to why this is happening.

I create the stacked text, then the vcarve portion, and then put two ducks (one on each side). I got all the depths adjusted so that the ducks would appear on the surface of the carved out section, they are like .23 tall off the wood. Ok, so in the image on the screen, all looks great. Now, create tool paths.

I create a pocket tool path for the top text, then one for the bottom text (in both the upper and lower text, I click the show toolpath for 3d or whatever that tab says), then the vcarve portion, and then the 3d part. It shaved off the ducks…oops, forgot to create the boundry around the 3d model. Ok, so now it leaves the ducks once the boundry is in there. I see that its going to take a day to carve, so I add in the roughing tool pass. This is where everything goes south! no matter what I tried, in the toolpath preview, the roughing pass ALWAYS shaves down the ducks to make them rough, and the cleanup pass does not clean up the ducks at all. If you want to see pics, I can remake it again tonight and post them, I deleted it after a few hours of frustration.

If I leave out the roughing pass, everything looks perfect, its just when i add the roughing pass to the bottom text does it mess it up. The roughing pass on the top pass, i think that one was fine…but can confirm.

Any ideas, or videos I can watch to help fix this?