Aspire to Easel alignment issues!

Well, I believe I’m using the vectric PP… I downloaded it from inventables “download” page. When it downloaded, all that happened was a document was uploaded to my homescreen on my desktopvectric-easel.pp (3.0 KB)

Basically I export the toolpaths to my homescreen.

I then open Easel. Go to file, upload gcode. Click “open” and find the toolpath on my homescreen and select it. Then it uploads into Easel.

Is that correct?

here is my roughing tool path…

here is my detail toolpath…

Robert, how do i do that? It just opens up as a word document…

I am thinking that my computer is not loading easel PP properly. I just get a word document loaded onto my home screen. I am not sure why this is happening??

Phil, ok…

I investigated as you suggested. I found this link: What to do with the post processor zip to run vcarve pro?

I put the two PP files into the proper folder per that article.

Does this NOW mean that everything is good to go? I can save toolpaths to “xcarve INCH or MM” and easel will reflect my Aspire project properly?

hi phil. the only thing that i can find is this:

i downloaded the .3.10 driver … i believe i already had this done. along with the vectric PP. This is why i’m confused as to why it’s not working properly

oops… ok I just saved easel.PP to my desktop. I need to move THIS file to the “PostP” folder?

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ooohh really?? jeez… ok, let me see here

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wow, Phil… you’ve got to be kidding me! I moved easel.PP into the MYpostP folder, refreshed aspire and “easel” now shows in the toolpath gcode drop box. I’m going to recalculate all these toolpaths, resave them as “easel” toolpaths and upload them into Easel…

Is there anything else I am missing before I go carve??

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Great! I am going to do that right now… .do you think this will solve the issue of the misalignment?

For some reason, when I save the project to my desktop (not toolpaths), I lose the toolpaths and also the texts I write into the project? And i cant reopen it as an editable project anymore… It’s just grouped together now… So i have to redo about half an hour of work…

i basically just went to file, save-as, “desktop” save.

Then i closed out aspire.

I opened aspire back up, and imported the saved project.

When it reopened, it was not editable any more. It was grouped, and I’m not able to ungroup it.

Also, the v-carve text is missing. It did not save.

Lastly, the toolpaths are not there anymore either.

this is a bummer… lots of time lost

Phil, see how it’s starting like 2" above y0? And it’s carving too far left into the - x…


Thank you for sending me that. However, unfortunately this was not “checked”.

I think I am at a point where I will have to do 1 of 2 things:

Use a large, square piece of wood rather than a circle. Which then it wouldn’t matter if the project parameters were “off” in easel (from what I save in Aspire)

Next, I think I am going to try and get UGS to operate my x-carve. I am going to totally stop using easel as the “operating system”.

I love a challenge… but this is a huge headache!!!

Inventables simply decided to not respond back to me.

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Thanks Robert. I’m going to draw an L on the X/Y 0 lines and carve. I did this once before but who knows… I’m desperate by now.

I’ll let you guys know as I progress…

Ahh! You are a genius. Duh, makes perfect sense. I’m going to do that tomorrow! Thanks guys @PhilJohnson

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Awesome!! This will keep me up all night researching. Can’t wait for tomorrow to come!!

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