Aspire v- bit carving / depths

Newbie to Aspire, and trying to cut the SW aztec calendar.

No matter how i set the depth pass on the bit, it wants to plunge pretty deep and cut which makes my machine groan.
I’ve researched the topic a bit and am seeing two different opinions: depth per pass has no affect on v-bit toolpaths in aspire, or the opposite, that setting a per pass depth should work.

also if i dont set a flat depth i get a warning that my toolpath will cut through the material (1/2" MDF).

Do I have my bits set up wrong (i dont think . they are) , or is it true you cannot set multiple passes for a v-bit in Aspire?

Appreciate someone giving this noob a little guidance. Thanks.

You need to set a flat area depth, and add a clearing bit.