Assemble Xcarve 1000 without Wasteboard?

Is it possible to assemble the machine to a working order without WB?

I ordered it without the board because the extreme high price in shipping to Norway.
So im going to have it made.

I have skimmed through the assembly instructions and noticed everything mounts to the frame under the WB…

Are the angles going to be wrong if the board isnt there?


I, too, ordered the X-carve (Shapeoko 2, in my case, actually) without a wasteboard, and made my own. It’s actually not all that complicated, and while the wasteboard does supply some stiffening to the CNC, it can move and work without one.

I’d suggest that you go to your local wood supply store, and purchase an appropriately-sized piece of MDF, and custom cut your own wasteboard. Inventables posts the designs for their parts, as they are an open-source company, and the wasteboard design can be found here: GrabCAD plans.

Good luck!

  • Alex

If you live near Oslo you could ask the gang at if they could help you out cutting a wasteboard on the big Shopbot machine they have.

2 hours driving from oslo :\

Whats the original thickness on the board`?

i figured it out :stuck_out_tongue: