Assembled! The Moment of Truth! Plug in... nothing

Instructions say when I plug in the power supply I should see a blue light. No light for me. I’ve looked back over the wiring. There are three areas of possible issue.
A) The wires which are supposed to go in the Gnd terminal are:
(1) the black of the zip wire
(2) the black of the fan wire
(3,4,5) The blacks of the three limit switches
All these go into a terminal which was designed for one wire. I couldn’t make it happen, even soldering all five together. So I got a couple inches of scrap wire from the trimmings, put it in Gnd, and attached it to the five with a wire nut.

B) Instructions: “Place the pins into the gShield making sure that the black plastic touches the top of the board.” Well, I discovered after the soldering that mine had slipped down about 1/16th" on one end, so it’s kind of cockeyed. I don’t see how this could be a show-stopper as long as the pins come through, but it is what it is.

C) I put the X axis limit switch white wire into the Header Connector slot for the Y wire (oops). It locked in. I tried to get it to release from the lock, but I only got the wire out and not the crimp pin. Getting that crimp pin out to make room for Y trashed the lock on the connector. However, the Y crimp pin slid up into it as far as it should, and seemed to make contact when connected to the power supply interface.

If any of these was the cause, I’d bet it is C. Still, I’ve examined all of this and everything else at length, and it looks to me like it ought to work.

So… thoughts, advice?

Not to be cute, but did you turn on the switch on the power supply?

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No. The instructions didn’t say to. In fact, they specify that the switches should be off.

“Now it’s time to plug your Power Supply Assembly into the wall. Make sure both switches on the interface are set to off and double check all of your wiring (especially the placement of red and black wires). If you’ve wired everything correctly, the blue lights on the gShield should light up!”

The blue LED is the power indicator for the 24 volt power supply. It will not turn on until the switch is turned on.

So, that worked. Thanks, Larry. When I don’t know anything about what I’m doing I follow the directions to the letter. When it appeared that there was a wiring flaw, I didn’t want to turn on the switch for fear of frying something. I’ve got blue (and a fan running).

Thanks again. What a relief!


Yes, sometimes the instructions are not clear.

I feel like Viktor Frankenstein. “IT’S ALIVE, IT’S ALIVE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

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