Assembly experience

After two weeks,I was finally able to complete assembling my X-Carve.It took me this long because I didn’t work on it full time since I was working on other projects (I am a cabinet maker) and only had a few minutes free. I can say I found that the instructions were not written for someone who is a novice in the use of CNC machines. Although I work with power tools and know what a router (spindle) is, and also know how to use them, all the process of connecting every single part was at times overwhelming. I mostly relied on the pictures because there were instructions missing. Anyway, I succeeded.
Now I got to the point where I have to connect the machine to the computer and I am stuck. I have followed every single step, downloaded the drivers, restarted the computer, etc. I filled out the machine details,confirmed them, but when i get to the point where you have to start the spindle and wait for it to connect,nothing happens.How long do I have to wait? I am truly eager to get started!

Is your E-stop button pulled out?

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