Assembly help needed!

Hi there!

Is there anyone located near Spokane, WA that could help me finish building my X-Carve machine? It’s assembled… I’m just having issues with the Homing Sequence (machine gets jammed) and would love someone to teach me how to use the machine. I’m willing to pay someone for their time and help!

If you’re interested and are in my area please email me at



I don’t live nowhere near you but this forum has a lot of knowledgeable people and someone has probably had the same problem that you’re having. Maybe if you could take some pictures or a short video of the problem someone will be able to help. If you put the machine together then you’re more than capable of fixing it. Watch some of PhillipLunsford videos, he explains a lot about the XCarve and using Easel. Search for Paw paw’s projects in the forum section

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Thank you for the response, Russell! I really appreciate it and will definitely check out these videos!

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Do you have home switches attached? If so, the washer that the switch lever/roller bumps against has to be far enough away from the Y extrusion for the switches to close, reverse direction, and open again. I found that I had to move mine on the X the first time I tried it as it was too close to the extrusion.

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