Assembly Instructions

Is there a single file that contains all of the X Carve Assembly Instructions that I can download? I want to print them out and have a single notebook that I can flip pages in while assembling the X Carve and for note taking during that process.

I could not figure out how to download the entire instructions website…
I Ended up Just taking screendumps of every page… and took the offline laptop to the workshop…
Maybe inventables can get a instructions pdf out?
Could be great for all the users who dont have Internet acces in their shops

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I did not think of that…haha great idea

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That works, but seems more tedious than it needs to be.

@Zach_Kaplan Your thoughts?

Please contact Inventables Customer Success or at 312-775-7009. They created them and might have a way to easily handle this for you.

Customer Service didn’t have an answer but if you have an Android device install the app “Offline Browser” - This can be used to download the entire Assembly Instructions at one shot.

Once the app is installed use Chrome to navigate to the 1st page. Tape the 3 dot icon in the upper right corner and select “Share”. You should see an icon for Offline Browser - tap it. The app will open and then tap the “Download” button. It will take a minute or two but the entire assembly instructions will be saved for off line use. To use it open the app and tap the name of the page. All the links work so you can jump from section to section at will.

Dumped it on my tablet and will use that while building in my non-connected shop.

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