$$$ Assembly of the Carve 1000 in Modesto, CA Area

Willing to pay for someone skilled and knowledgeable with the x-carve to assemble it for me and teach me a few things. Must be willing to come to my garage shop. Thanks!

If I could offer any advice, it would be to take the time and assemble it yourself. The knowledge you will gain is Invaluable. As far as the x-carve has come it is Still a hobbyist machine. It will need tuning and adjustments. Not knowing how it goes together will make it more difficult down the road.


Bob plz don’t assume that they just want someone else to build it for them. They may have a very good reason for asking someone to build it for them, for example, they may have a handicap and cannot physically build it.

Really surprised to hear you say that.

Hi; my name is Harley LaMunyon I have a X-Carve 1000 that I built and upgraded it to #1"x 65"
I Live In Discovery bay Ca. I’m only About 30 miles from you I suggest you com to my Home shop and look how I have built my X-Carve I know the machine in and out so I could be a wealth Info MY Email is harleylamunyon@icloud.com